How to run an engaging library seminar over Zoom

Seems like most programming has gone virtual nowadays. As an experienced speaker, there are certain things you can do to increase the chances of making your event a success. If you are in charge of programs at your library and would like to know how to have a great library seminar over Zoom, read the tips below.

#1 Make sure you get an outline from the speaker

Don’t just take the speaker’s word for it. You want to make sure they’re on their game. Prior to the event, get an outline from the speaker, and maybe even a PowerPoint presentation. To make sure the content is top notch, you’ll need to allow time to review and coordinate changes with the speaker. Allow four to six weeks, optimally, to do so.

It’s a good idea to give the audience an outline of what to expect in the event right upfront. This gives them a clue of what is in it for them and will give them a sense of when their subject of interest will be center stage.

#2 Keep people active

With all of the interactive features available over Zoom at the present, it’s easy to get people engaged. Higher engagement leads to a more powerful presentation and makes more of an impact on the audience.

Take advantage of polling. Do this in the beginning of the presentation to keep people on their toes.

Outside of the polls, encourage people to chat in their questions early and often over Zoom’s chat box. Most speakers wait until the end to ask for questions. I advise asking for questions every 10-15 minutes. After 30 minutes, many people will drop off the call. Waiting until the end of the presentation may preclude you from getting to answer questions from those who can’t stay until the end.

#3 Send out a replay

Recording the webinar has a few important benefits. Many people won’t tune in live, but will listen to the replay. Usually about 40% of registrants show up for the live presentation. Also, the recording is creates a valuable asset for your library, a resource that you can offer to patrons in the future.

To make sure it gets into the hands of those who want to watch it, send out the replay in an email newsletter to all registrants within 3-6 days of the presentation.

#4 Run a survey

Zoom has a feature at the end whereby you can automatically survey the audience for feedback. People appreciate the opportunity to share their opinions, and you’ll learn what to do better the next time around.

Thanks for reading about how to run an engaging library seminar over zoom. Contact us with any questions!