Announcing 2022 SOFA Workshops for HR professionals for SHRM CE credits

We are pleased to announce our 2022 SOFA workshops for HR professionals for SHRM CE credits. The Society for Financial Awareness is a 501(c)(3) non profit public benefit corporation whose mission is to provide financial education across America.

As a member of SOFA’s New York Chapter, I conduct complimentary educational workshops about financial topics for the benefit of the community.

The following workshops are offered to HR professionals. By taking any of these workshops, you may receive CE credits for SHRM. It is also an option to provide these workshops to the employees of your company at a date that is convenient for you.

2022 SOFA Workshops for HR professionals

The learning outcomes of each of the workshops are outlined below.

Social Security Explained

  • Type of benefits you are eligible to receive
  • Difference between full retirement age and delayed retirement
  • Retirement benefit filing strategies
  • Annuity types and distinctions

Retirement Income Planning

  • Establishing retirement goals 
  • Estimating retirement income and reliability of sources  
  • Tax-advantaged savings vehicles versus tax free
  • Provisional Income and Investment considerations

Tax Efficiency in Retirement

  • Looking at your distribution options from a company retirement plan
  • Understanding the impact of erosion through
  • Turning retirement assets into income streams
  • Pre-tax versus Post tax, things to consider


  • What is it and why is it becoming even more important?
  • Medicare Open Enrollment
  • Part D Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Enrollment basics

Why should HR professionals take one of my SOFA workshops?

There are three reasons that you should take one of my 2022 SOFA workshops for HR professionals.

#1 People are emotional about money

Why does every single major company need an HR person? Why not just email out the manual and call it a day?

Because of EMOTIONS. 

That’s why the HR role exists: to manage the emotions of the people who work at the company. And one of the things that alot of you in this role are missing is that people are highly emotional about their money.

Their company benefits = their wellbeing = their retirement = their and their family’s future

That’s an awful lot, isn’t it?

#2 It is a potential liability

People can get pretty emotional over their money – and that is precisely why personal liability is a real threat for most HR people, although many of them do not realize.

If the company is the employer, can you be held responsible for their actions? This is where it gets into legal concepts that neither I nor anyone reading this article is probably ready to discuss.

So instead I’ll leave you with an article by The Emplawyerologist about the personal liability that HR people may potentially face for certain employment law violations.

#3 It’s your ethical duty to educate those depending upon you

Your actions have a huge influence over the financial wellbeing of the people who work at your company.

Your employees 👨👩👧👦 are going to come to you and say,
“How do I take my 401k and turn it into income?”
“How do I take my 403b and turn it into income?”
“What are the best sources of income?”
“How do I know that I’m not going to outlive it?”

If you don’t have any of these answers, where are they going to go?

Your employees have no idea how much they are going to accumulate in a defined contribution plan, and no idea how much income it is going to produce.

But they’re going to come to YOU as a human resources professional.

If you don’t have any of these answers, where are they going to go to get the answers?

YOU are the first ones that people are going to reach out to about their retirement plans, or any other benefits associated with your company.

If you don’t know how they work, or you give bad information, you could affect them for the rest of their lives.

It’s critically important that you understand all the rules and how vehicles such as 401ks, 403bs, and defined contribution plans work – but it’s more than even that. You owe it to them to know about every possible aspect of the financial vehicles you are offering them – from 401ks to cash flow, asset allocation, market volatility, and on and on.

Being educated isn’t the nice thing to do, it’s the right thing to do.

It’s your responsibility.

These courses are complimentary and there are no solicitations of any kind allowed.

Contact to sign up.


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