How will blockchain impact libraries?

This blog talks about how blockchain will potentially impact libraries.

Blockchain essentially is a way of organizing information, and it is likely to be utilized in library information systems at some point in the future. We’ll get to how, but first let’s start with a simple definition. What is blockchain? Let’s say there is a block containing data. On one side it has a cryptographic…

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How to get more people to attend your library event

With libraries getting less foot traffic nowadays, being able to market your event using the internet has become of high importance. We’ve seen many libraries struggle to fill spots in their Zoom conferences. How do you reach more patrons and get them interested in your library event? In this article we’re going to give you…

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5 tips for opening your library during the pandemic

Many libraries are returning to serving patrons in person this fall. Here are five tips for opening your library during the pandemic that will help you maximize the safety of all in an efficient way. #1 Keep your digital resources robust Just because you’re back in person, it doesn’t mean that everyone is going to…

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Three Tips for Holding a Virtual Seminar at your Library

Tips for having a great seminar at your library.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing, librarians have been thrown for quite a loop. If you are rethinking your programming and shifting from in person to virtual events, consider these tips for holding a great virtual seminar at your library. #1 Select the speaker wisely for the virtual seminar at your library Librarians are…

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