What do I do when Social Security runs out?

Word on the street is that Social Security is running out. What should you do? Is it time to panic yet? In this blog we’ll discuss what it may mean for those who are about to retire, are already retired, or even may be decades away. What is the Social Security Trust Fund? Remember those…

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Will my 401k be enough to retire on?

In this blog we discuss how to know if your 401k is enough to retire on.

In our most recent LinkedIn poll, we had over 700 people view the question “What is the Federal poverty line?”. And only 22% answered it right. Why did we ask the question? We asked it because we wanted to know how many of you realize how many seniors live at this level or below it.…

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Coming soon to a 401k plan near you: retirement income!

America is in the midst of a retirement crisis, and lawmakers are responding by improving the effectiveness of the country’s most popular savings vehicle: employee 401k plans. Here are some reasons why retirement plans are now offering retirement income options, what the legislation says, and what it may mean for employees and HR professionals. A…

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What will inflation’s impact on seniors be?

Let’s look at what’s happening now. Inflation is up 8.5% year to date, the highest rise in decades This has had a catastrophic effect on senior citizens who are on a fixed income, with many of them having to resort to government assistance to eat, or are having to dig into their savings to afford…

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How much will Medicare cost me in 2022? More than you think!

Medicare costs are rising leading many to ask, "How much will Medicare cost me in 2022?"

People frequently worry about the cost of healthcare, specifically Medicare. If you are sitting there asking, “How much will Medicare cost me in 2022?”, read this blog. We’ll talk about the rising cost of healthcare and how it impacts Medicare premium increases in 2022. But before we get into the details, let’s start with a…

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