Our first meeting for family wealth planning is our Foundation Dialogue Meeting. This is a get to know you meeting where we discuss many different areas of your situation at a high level.

  • We begin with a quick discussion of what brought you in to meet with us.
  • Next, we’ll spend some time on your goals and about 30 minutes reviewing your Personal Values Questionnaire.
  • At this point, we will have a better feel for you and the issues that you may face, and whether or not it looks like we could be a good fit to work together.

Prudent Retirement Blueprint

Many people only want to look at the impact of when they stop working. 

Prudent Executive Retirement Blueprint

For those who are at the Executive level, either Corporate or Collegiate

Once we know which service would be most beneficial to you, we outline our fees upfront and provide you with an outline of the next steps and the estimated timelines attached to each step.


We believe that there is an ART to investing, as well as a science. Our process is based on three distinct elements.

  • Asset allocation
  • Risk management and
  • Technical analysis

Since we specialize in working with retirees, we are keenly aware of the unique demands and risks that are placed on retirement assets.

Combining all of these elements into a portfolio that is based upon sound distribution principals and solid risk management is paramount to success in today’s markets.


First, we develop your baseline asset allocation, with an eye toward your natural comfort level or bias towards risk.  We will help you determine just which type of investor you are.

Second, since we know that markets can be very volatile at times, we utilize technical analysis which helps us smooth out the rough ride by acting like a shock absorbent does on your car.

Third, almost every individual we meet has little or no risk management in their portfolio. Determining a Client’s true comfort with risk is very important to us.  It helps us to determine what you should and should not have in your portfolio so that you can sleep at night.

Our portfolio management is structured this way because investors want to be in the markets to get the potential returns that they offer; however, we remain aware of the impacts of a bad series of returns, early in retirement, as it can destroy ones long-term success.  We call this "sequence of return risk," and it is critical to Retirees.

We always have our eyes open for things that could change the landscape for our investments.  Sometimes we can control them and sometimes we cannot.  What we can do, is control how much exposure one is willing to take and which methods can help you the most in addressing your Retirement goals.

At Prudent, we recognize that every Client has unique needs and they should have a portfolio that fits those individual needs.

Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

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