The Custom Wealth Architect is a deep diving comprehensive look at everything in your financial house.

Many times we are weighing out the impact of multiple options to determine which fits best for you.

We also realize that many times it’s not just the financial aspects that will influence your decisions, but the impact those decisions may have on family.

Usually clients that decide to head down this path have multiple objectives and would like to understand the significant impacts of incorporating them together.

Phase One: The Foundation Dialogue

The process starts with a meeting to capture your personal and financial goals and identify obstacles and opportunities.  We clarify and document how you measure success, how we will best work together, and ensure we build a Strategic Blueprint that best suits your core personal and financial needs.

Phase Two: The Strategic Blueprint

Once your goals have been established and financial documents collected, we will present an overview of our financial assessment.  The Strategic Blueprint outlines the financial focus areas we will address and how we will manage specific deliverables and timelines.

Phase Three: The Goals Navigator

We work together regarding your unique personal and financial goals.  We discuss your vision for the future, your current situation, and how we work towards achieving that vision through four focus areas including:  Estate, Investment, Financial Independence, and Business Exit Planning.

Areas of Focus:

  • The Estate Plan Focus™

    Assessment of your wills and trusts, life insurance policies, disability and long-term care insurances.  All are reviewed and measured against your survivor needs and distribution objectives.

  • The Personal and Business Investment Focus™

    Evaluation of your personal risk tolerance, time horizons, current risk exposure, and portfolio construction.  Alignment of your investments with goals, values, and time horizons.

  • The Financial Independence Focus™

    Review of your financial vision and values to determine your financial independence threshold.

  • The Business Exit Planning Focus™

    We look at your business as a key financial asset and evaluate various exit strategies, deferred compensation solutions, and tax advantaged strategies tailored to your business.

Phase Four:  The Solutions Activator

Having completed the focused planning components, we move into the implementation phase of your Strategic Blueprint.  Collaborating with your tax and legal advisors as needed, we deploy the wealth solutions in a timely and efficient manner.

Phase Five: Custom Wealth Inspection

We meet regularly to reflect, review, and discuss your plans. To best serve you and your family,  the financial planning strategy - The Custom Wealth Architect™ - provides dynamic, relevant financial strategies that evolve with your changing needs and goals.

  • Alignment and Vaulting of important documents, tax law review and strategy
  • Legacy Plan review
  • Regular reviews of all financial vehicles
  • Annual schedule of events

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