An Executive’s responsibilities typically do not end when the Retirement bell goes off. The majority will continue to have family, work, and philanthropic goals.

Integrating your executive benefits can be quite complex with the numerous strategy options available, and choosing the right one isn’t always an easy choice.

The Prudent Executive Retirement Blueprint helps you get a complete picture of what Retirement looks like for you. It is the baseline to start your retirement plan as an executive.

Phase One: The Foundation Dialogue

The process starts with a meeting to review your retirement income sources, expenses, assets and liabilities. By having a complete picture of your estate, we get a deeper understanding of what is available to support your retirement, but it also lets us get a better understanding of how you make decisions about your finances.

Areas of Discussion:

  • Work

    Full time, part-time, no-time, what would you like to do, versus what you need to do.

  • Social Security

    The appropriate strategy to address to maximize the income for you and your spouse.

  • Income Planning

    “Safety First”, “Probability-Based”, Asset Dedication, Dynamic Rebalancing, Managed Payouts, Guaranteed Withdrawal Benefits, Pensions and Annuitization Options.

  • Medical

    Current insurance coverage, Medicare and Medi-gap options versus Medicare Advantage, as well as Long Term Care probabilities and funding options-Group vs Individual

  • Housing

    “Aging in place”, Relocation, Assisted Living, Continuing Care Retirement Communities

  • Company Benefits

    Deferred Compensation, NUA, Restricted Stock, ESOP, LTC, Life Insurance, Pension, Flex Benefits, Financed Life Insurance

  • Required Minimum Distribution

    Strategies to help you reduce the impact this can have on your taxes.

  • Tax Planning

    What is the most tax efficient way to use my non-qualified, IRA, 401K, and ROTH assets?

  • Portfolio Risk Management

    What strategies to employ to protect against the sequence of return risk destroying your retirement.

  • Estate Planning

    Wills, Trusts, Special Needs, Philanthropic.

Phase Two: The  Draft

Once your goals have been established and financial documents have been collected, we present you with a draft of what we see as your strong points and the areas where you have gaps within your executive retirement plan.

From this meeting we will discuss the options that we feel will benefit you the most and determine from your feedback whether you like the strategies or not. Our objective is to end this meeting with a clear understanding of what you desire as well as the options that fit and which ones do not.

Phase Three: The Executive Retirement Blueprint

The Executive Retirement Blueprint consolidates our discussions into a detailed document which outlines what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how we plan to navigate through your retirement.

We will outline how you want your portfolio to be invested, where you plan on living, health care and long-term options you should consider as well how to structure your assets regarding Medicare and your estate plans.

This document is the benchmark for your executive retirement planning decisions, just like an investment policy statement is used to manage a portfolio. We will outline how you would like your portfolio invested, where you plan on living, and health care and long term options you should consider. Incorporate your Executive benefits, and structure your assets with focus on Medicare and estate planning.

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