Does anybody care?

support local businesses

As more and more people become vaccinated and America “reopens”, I’m hearing a lot of economists speak optimistically, painting a rosy picture of the growth we’re likely to see as the recovery unfolds. Did you support the local businesses? I can’t help but want to take pause and ask one simple question. What happened to…

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Reflections: Where do we go from here?

age of the machine

Now that the presidential election is over, we would like to congratulate all of you who participated. We had the greatest turn out in American history, so kudos to the country! Just like in 2000 when Al Gore asked for a recount, Donald Trump is doing the same. This time the variables are quite different.…

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How to get more people to attend your library event

With libraries getting less foot traffic nowadays, being able to market your event using the internet has become of high importance. We’ve seen many libraries struggle to fill spots in their Zoom conferences. How do you reach more patrons and get them interested in your library event? In this article we’re going to give you…

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5 tips for opening your library during the pandemic

Many libraries are returning to serving patrons in person this fall. Here are five tips for opening your library during the pandemic that will help you maximize the safety of all in an efficient way. #1 Keep your digital resources robust Just because you’re back in person, it doesn’t mean that everyone is going to…

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Three Tips for Holding a Virtual Seminar at your Library

Tips for having a great seminar at your library.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing, librarians have been thrown for quite a loop. If you are rethinking your programming and shifting from in person to virtual events, consider these tips for holding a great virtual seminar at your library. #1 Select the speaker wisely for the virtual seminar at your library Librarians are…

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SECURE Act Implications for College Executives

SECURE Act implications for college executives

The SECURE Act will have positive implications for college executives. One of the biggest benefits to college executives is the increased income reporting that is required on financial statements for participants in 401(k), 403(b), and deferred compensation plans. This article will detail which of the changes under the SECURE ACT are important for college executives…

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So you went to a Retirement Workshop…Now What?

There is a ton of education out there about retirement, in fact it seems to be everywhere I look: a retirement workshop, podcasts, videos, articles. So why is it that people are still chronically unprepared for retirement? Here’s what typically happens when I sit in front of someone who is about to retire and I…

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What are College Presidents making in 2020 (and why does it matter)?

college president salary

What is the college president salary these days? We’ll explore this question in our Weekend Reading for College Execs: February 2020 Edition. Recent data from The Chronicle of Higher Education revealed some very eye-opening aspects of executive compensation at public and private colleges. To see the details, you can access the study here. The following…

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