Three Tips for Holding a Virtual Seminar at your Library

Tips for having a great seminar at your library.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing, librarians have been thrown for quite a loop. If you are rethinking your programming and shifting from in person to virtual events, consider these tips for holding a great virtual seminar at your library. #1 Select the speaker wisely for the virtual seminar at your library Librarians are…

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SECURE Act Implications for College Executives

SECURE Act implications for college executives

The SECURE Act will have positive implications for college executives. One of the biggest benefits to college executives is the increased income reporting that is required on financial statements for participants in 401(k), 403(b), and deferred compensation plans. This article will detail which of the changes under the SECURE ACT are important for college executives…

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So you went to a Retirement Workshop…Now What?

There is a ton of education out there about retirement, in fact it seems to be everywhere I look: a retirement workshop, podcasts, videos, articles. So why is it that people are still chronically unprepared for retirement? Here’s what typically happens when I sit in front of someone who is about to retire and I…

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What are College Presidents making in 2020 (and why does it matter)?

college president salary

What is the college president salary these days? We’ll explore this question in our Weekend Reading for College Execs: February 2020 Edition. Recent data from The Chronicle of Higher Education revealed some very eye-opening aspects of executive compensation at public and private colleges. To see the details, you can access the study here. The following…

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Weekend Reading for College Executives: January 2020 Edition

secure act impact

As different as chalk and cheese A recent headline from Inside Higher Ed magazine caught my eye. In an effort to protect students from hate speech, the university restricted anyone who is not a member of a registered group from “chalking” on sidewalks. If I hadn’t read it, I wouldn’t believe it – yet another…

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Weekend Reading for the College Exec: December 2019 edition

defined contribution plan

Though college executive benefits vary in some cases quite substantially – and those differences are important – there is one common mistake that all college executives tend to share. We realize that retirement planning isn’t the core curriculum for busy college executives – but here are some Cliff Notes that are at least worthy of…

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Weekend Reading for the College Exec: November 2019 Edition

contribute too much

How fondly I recollect a conversation I just had with one of my clients, a President at a public university, about what vehicle they should purchase. “Well, I can’t really buy a high end Mercedes, Mark.” “Why not?” “Because it wouldn’t look very good.” “So what are you buying?” “A Ford.” College executives’ lives are…

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